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Friday, March 8, 2019

Who is the Bravest of them All?

The answer just in time for International Women's Day is us.

The women that I've known throughout my life have influenced who I am, what I believe and why I believe it. So here's a salute to a few of them.

My mother Catherine has been described by women I knew as a child as the kindest person they ever met. At a time when many women didn't, she went to college, worked at Gimbels, and then fell into the more traditional role of wife and mother. She is the reason that I am a good person.

My stepmother Robin was brave and learned very young that she always had to take care of herself. In her 70s she was still making cufflinks for Saks Fifth Avenue out of old time pieces, a business she started 10-15 years before. She was smarter than she gave herself credit for and a really Brave Woman. Before she died when my life was a mess she said "Aimee you will land on your feet, you always do." She was right and the reason I am successful at what I do.

My high school English teacher who was the first person to tell me I was a good writer, and is the reason for what I do today.

My dear friend Susan who grew up in a family that was addicted to drugs and alcohol and made her life count. She became a nurse, spent five years in the Peace Corps in Africa and Papua New Guinea working on women's health issues. Now she is a researcher in neuroscience. She is the reason I am never afraid.

My former boss Arlene who taught me so much about business and believed that I could be a successful journalist. And she helped me stay on track and do well in the cutthroat world of Manhattan.

My other friend Susan who was a rock when I was going through a painful divorce and to this day is still there when I need her.

My neighbor Riva and her amazing daughters who picked up their lives after disaster struck and went on to become some of the best people I know.

My friend Laura who is married to a former commander in the Navy and whose husband once said something like "Men I serve with don't get why I am with her because she is so independent."

My daughter Katie who is so brave and works so hard. She understands more at 19 than I did in my late 20s. And anything she does, she excels at.

Brave Women all over the world who we honor on this day.