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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Who's the Bravest of Them All? Why Nancy Pelosi Duh!

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The media coverage of Nancy Pelosi’s “The Other Guy Blinked” moment with Donald Trump sucked. Cartoonists depicted her wiping the floor with the president, pundits discussed how she damaged or removed his cajones, writers talked about . .. does it really matter? All the talk was of a woman beating a man at his own game. What didn't it do? Acknowledge her for the powerful, smart, incredible woman that she is.  

Basically Nancy Pelosi got Trump to end the government shutdown by being stronger than he is.  Why is there no depiction of a strong woman who got what she wanted by sizing up her adversary (who may be president but is admittedly weak) and outsmarting him. Could this be intelligence in a woman who operates in world where she knows her own power? Heaven forbid.

When the issue was first raised about Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House again, women I know and who should know better played into the media firestorm of “she’s too old, we need fresher ideas, give someone else a chance,” yada, yada, yada. I said, we need an experienced leader who knows how to get things done and is relentless in getting what she wants. People scoffed. Then they came out of the media bubble and started to think about it. Women began to realize that she is exactly what our country needs in these perilous times. Her age doesn’t matter. Her red dresses don’t matter. Her polished look doesn’t matter.  What matters is that she takes no prisoners and does a remarkable job of dealing with a spoiled brat, incompetent president and playing good cop, bad cop with Charles Schumer. 

To say that Nancy Pelosi is a brave woman is an understatement. She has been around for a very long time in politics. Recent photos of her have surfaced in black and white – with President Kennedy from when her father ran Baltimore – and with a variety of others over the years. Bravery takes time and she’s had enough of it to know what she wants and to go out and get it. Let’s give her the credit she deserves and excoriate the media for turning this into a “she beat the man” story. She is the most accomplished female politician of our time and she deserves our support without making it a horse race. 

Let's be proud of her and watch her do the rest. You go girl.