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Friday, June 22, 2018

Five Traits That Make a Brave Woman Brave 

  1. Brave women know what it is like to be afraid and they take that fear - nourish, use it and push forward with it. Does their fear every really go away? No. But it does make them stronger and those around them benefit.
  2. Brave women say what that they really think. I cannot begin to count the number of meetings I have been in where I've said something smart, it is ignored, and then 15 minutes later it becomes the brilliant idea of someone more senior in the room. With clients you just have to grin and bear it. When you work for a company, your office or the bathroom is a great place to scream.
  3. Brave women admit when they make a mistake. This one throws men in a company, mostly because they throw women under the bus because to them an error is weakness (women do it too BTW).  I once made a big error in abbreviating a series of point that a federal agency director made, without the miles of context she felt needed to be part of it. The idea was to spur her to reference it but not to make it the subject of her talk. A younger person that I worked with on the speech was blamed. She and the director were stunned when I said that I was responsible.
  4. Brave women delegate. Even though you could more quickly do a task, and likely do it better than a junior employee, the whole point is to let them do it. People make this mistake all the time with designers - they get all caught up in what font the designer is using, colors, how something flows on a page (which is never what they think it is). The designer has a vision too and if you have given them the tools they need, they don't need you to design. Just have a discussion.
  5. Brave women cry. In the corporate world women's tears are considered a sign of weakness. She cannot control her emotions, she takes everything so personally, she cannot be criticized. Bullshit. Women cry because they feel something and in marketing you want the consumer to feel something. You want them to like you, to care about your brand, to feel connected. If it makes you cry or laugh more the better. Don't be afraid of emotion. It's what makes us human. It also makes us consumers.

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